Dubai Boats

Below is a list of Dubai taxi tips for those visiting Dubai for the first time.

1. Many people travelling to Dubai take a taxi from Dubai airport to their hotel. If you do this, make sure that your driver knows where your hotel is, and make sure that the taxi is metered or that you agree on a price before you get in.

2. Most taxi drivers in Dubai are new arrivals. Many of them do not know the city well, and cannot read maps. As such, one of the most important Dubai taxi tips is to always carry a map with you and make sure you give the taxi driver instructions if they do not know where they are going.

3. Try to carry cash and small change with you when taking a taxi in Dubai. It is easier to pay for a taxi when you have exact change than if you don’t.

4. Another of the most important Dubai taxi tips is to not assume that your driver speaks English. Be prepared to use sign language, or have someone from your hotel talk to the driver to make sure they know where to go.